The Hindenburg

13 11 2009

In 1937 the biggest airship in the world,  the Hindenburg  left Frankfurt, Germany, to Lakehurst, New Jersey, U.S.A. When the Hindenburg was flying to Lakehurst, a thunder storm delayed the landing. So after an hour the Hindenburg started to land at Lakehurst, suddently the huge airship burst into flames! As the Hindenburg fell to the ground, pasengers jumped to safty when the flaming wreck was close enough to the ground. Lots of people were burned or killed. In total about 35 people were killed, Most from their burns. It is unkown today what caused the fire, some people think it was a leeking hydrogen filled ballon, or a bomb. So remember, today airships are filled with helium (non-flamable,) not hydrogen(flamable.) Remeber those who died.  Hindenburg





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